Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Looking Beyond The 2010 Election

AFSCME Local 538 President Dawn Tyson, left, and AFSCME Local 196 President Dawn Garcia (both state clerical units) work the phones on election day.

The nation changed dramatically Nov. 2 in an election fueled by tens of millions of dollars from wealthy extremists and anti-worker candidates.

But Connecticut turned back the tide, thanks in large part to our Council 4 union. We came together to elect a new governor (Dan Malloy) and U.S. Senator (Richard Blumenthal), and to re-elect our five U.S. representatives -- including two heavily targeted incumbents (Chris Murphy and Jim Himes) as well as many state legislators.

Gil Bironi, President of AFSCME Local 184 (Metropolitan District Commission), calls members from a Council 4 phone bank.

We did it with an unprecedented Get Out The Vote effort targeted to our 35,000 members. With Council 4 members volunteering hundreds of person hours, we reached out like never before through phone, mail and person-to-person contact.

Now it’s time to look forward. Our $3.5 billion state deficit did not disappear. We are still in the fight of our lives to protect public services at the state and local level where our members are employed. But our work leading up to the election prepares us for the challenges ahead.

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