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Council 4 Green Colors The Capitol

Anne Carey, left, of Local 2663 speaks with State Rep. Elizabeth Ritter of Watertown.

More than 300 Council 4 members and retirees descended on the State Capitol May 18 for our annual Lobby Day. Thank you to everyone who attended! After greetings from Council 4 and legislative leaders, they fanned out to talk to their State Representatives.

Our 'Campaign for the Middle Class' was the common thread throughout the day, as members heard from elected officials -- including House Speaker Chris Donovan, House Majority Leader Brendan Sharkey, State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, Comptroller Kevin Lembo and Attorney General George Jepsen -- and AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Lori Pelletier.

Our priority issues were:

  • Paid Sick Days - The bill cleared its final committee hurdle last week. The Senate vote could come any day now, and the margin is razor-thin.
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) for Paraprofessionals - is likely to be voted on in the House any day.
  • Combined Reporting - would prevent corporations from avoiding CT taxes by hiding their profits in other states. The bill passed the House and may be called in the Senate as early as next week.
  • SustiNet - An historic agreement was reached between Governor Malloy and the House that will provide a non-profit plan as an alternative to private insurance. Now it's up to the State Senate to get it done.

Council 4's Lobby Day ended with a press conference to update reporters on the Campaign for the Middle Class, after which our members delivered thousands of postcards to Democratic and Republican leadership calling on them to support the Campaign.

Thanks to Garland Parker (Local 991), Roberta Price (Local 538), Jay Bartolomei (Local 714), Godfrey Ferguson (Local 2663), Deanna Chapparo (Local 538) and Lillian Sewell (Retirees) for speaking at our press conference.

L-R: Garland Parker, Deanna Chapparo, Godfrey Ferguson, David Drzal and Matthew Brokman.

We went to the Capitol to call on our legislators to stand up for the middle class, and we certainly turned up the heat. There was a sea of AFSCME green around the building yesterday, but the fight is not over. You can help advance our Campaign for the Middle Class by clicking here to tell your State Senator "It's time for SustiNet".

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