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Higher Ed Members Can Move From ARP To SERS

SEBAC attorney Dan Livingston discusses ARP/SERS ruling.

A SEBAC grievance regarding "steering" of higher ed employees into the Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP) has resulted in an arbitrated award that will provide our members with a one-time option to move from ARP to SERS.

In its most blatant form, "steering" is the forced placement of new hires into the ARP when they should have been given the option to go into the State Employees Retirement System (SERS).

The arbitrated award will allow all ARP participants from AFSCME Locals 1214, 1588 2480 and 2836 who wish to do so:

  • To move prospectively into SERS Tier II or Tier IIa based on their last date of hire (Note that Tier I will NOT be an option) and if they wish.
  • To use their ARP accumulations to purchase their past service time in SERS. This purchase will be made at no cost to the state, based on actuarial analysis.

Please note: At the urging of SEBAC, the Retirement Dvision of the Comptroller's Office has extended the "window of opportunity" for moving from ARP to SERS to May 31,2011.

In the meantime, here are some resources to help guide your decision:

Click here for Council 4's Higher Education bargaining unit update page. We will update this section as more information is made available.

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