Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

"My Life Is Solidly Lower Middle Class"

Ken Gilbertie, AFSCME Local 1303-387. Photo by David Friedman of MSNBC.

Council 4 members are on the front lines of the fight to protect and grow the middle class.

Recent news profiles of David Drzal of Local 2663, a child support investigator for the Department of Children and Families, and Ken Giberdie of Local 1303-387, a Westport public safety dispatcher, put a human face on public service workers who are sick of being blamed for problems they did not create.

Drzal was recently profiled by Connecticut Post columnist MariAn Gail Brown in a piece entitled, "Lessons from Wisconsin, If Anyone's Listening."  Hel reflected on his visit to Wisconsin to support public service workers in their fight to stop Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislature from destroying collective bargaining rights.

"What's happening in Wisconsin is a huge attack on the middle class. If employees lose their collective bargain rights, it undermines the entire middle class of this country," Drzal reflected.

Gilbertie was among the public service workers featured in a multi-part series on MSNBC.com. Gilbertie hit the nail on the head when he talked about the disparity between Corporate America, wealthy CEOs and the rest of us.

In that article, "Dispatcher: My Life is Solidly Lower Middle Class," Gilbertie sums it up when he says, "I didn’t take this job to get rich. You take a job with AIG to get rich. That’s not why I took this job.”

David Drzal, Local 2663.

Scroll down for their stories. And don't forget to thank Drzal and Gilbertie in the best way possible, by signing our Campaign for the Middle Class petition.

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