Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Engaging and Mobilizing Our Members

2017 Member Recognition Honorees.

Against a backdrop of legislative, judicial and dark-money funded attacks on public employee unions and collective bargaining rights, the 2017 Council 4 Conference energized more than 250 members who gathered in New Haven March 31-April 2 to sharpen the tools needed to “resist and organize.”

Conference participants attended valuable workshops and panel discussions on collective bargaining challenges, legislative developments, communications and the AFSCME Strong program – a special initiative designed to maintain and build union strength, particularly in the event of a “Right-to-Work-For-Less” decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. 

One of the highlights of the conference took place when Patrick Sampson, Council 4’s Director of Operations, recognized three local union leaders and their bargaining units as “AFSCME Strong All-Stars”:

  • Jody Barr, President, Local 2836 (State University Organization of Administrative Faculty).
  • Jay Bartolomei, President, Local 714 (State P-2, Dept. of Social Services)
  • Marsha Tulloch, Vice President, Local 269 (State P-2, Dept. of Labor)

These Council 4 locals were honored for meeting key criteria of the national AFSCME Strong program, which includes signing up at least 90% of their bargaining unit membership as full members and engaging 80% of their members in face-to-face discussions.

“AFSCME Strong is the path forward for staying relevant and strong in the face of unrelenting attacks on our pay, our benefits and our futures,” Sampson said.

Another conference highlight was the Council 4 Member Recognition Dinner, which honored 14 members who have distinguished themselves through their commitment to unionism and workplace democracy. Congratulations to the 2017 winners:

  • Laurie Aparo (Local 2836)
  • Dana Beecham-Brown (Local 749)
  • Esther Boriss (Local 2836)
  • Joe Cirigliano IV (Local 2930)
  • Betsy Davis (Local 1522)
  • Dave Drzal (Local 2663
  • Karen Gagliardi (Local 2930
  • Glenn Guerrera (Local 714
  • Carole Lee (Local 610
  • Jennifer Osinowo (Local 562)
  • Wendy Pilkington (Local 3145)
  • Greg Rubino (Local 1565)
  • Marsha Tulloch (Local 269)
  • Sharon Weller (Local 1522)

The conference concluded with a reaffirmation of the importance of political and legislative engagement, with the election of our union’s PEOPLE statewide and district committees, as well as the presentation of the Council 4 PEOPLE Person of the Year Award to Chapter 4 Retiree activists Joe and Beverly Manes and the Legislator of the Year to State Rep. Russ Morin of Wethersfield.

The Manes were eloquent in capturing the spirit of the conference and the challenges ahead of our union when they accepted the award.

Joe and Bev Manes, center, accept the PEOPLE Persons of the Year Award.

“It's not about us,” Joe Manes said. "It's about the people who came before and fought for us. We're just trying to pay it forward.”

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