Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Mobilizing for Legislative Action

Claudine Wilkins-Chambers and Donna Monroe of Local 3429 talk to State Rep. Toni Walker (New Haven).

Council 4 AFSCME advocates for legislation and a state budget that protects public services as well as our pay, pension and health care. Knowing that "an injury to one is an injury to all," we also advocate legislation that improves workplace rights and benefits for everyone.

The 2012 legislative session convened February 8 and adjourned on May 9. Our union-wide legislative priorities included:

  • Working for a fair budget that includes adequate funding for state and municipal services as well as for public pensions.
  • Expanding access to a quality retirement program for all workers.
  • Preventing efforts to reduce services by capping taxes and/or spending at either the state or municipal level.
  • Fighting efforts to privatize state or municipal services.
  • Stopping efforts to weaken the binding arbitration process for state employees, teachers and municipal employees.
  • Expanding access and improving affordability of health care by allowing cities and towns to participate in the state health care pool.

On May 2, nearly 200 members packed the State Capitol for our annual Council 4 Lobby Day. We heard from Gov. Malloy and several state legislators, and then fanned out to talk to our legislators about bills such as the minimum wage hike and the pension task force.

The legislative season concluded on May 9 with a flurry of activity, much of it centered around the education reform legislation. We were able to get legislators to address many of our priorities in the meantime.

Sen. Beth Bye, 2nd from left, talks with Bob Facey (Local 3713), and Sarah Schuyler-Gallaway and Anthony Miller (Local 269).

To learn more about our legislative action program, contact Brian Anderson at banderson@council4.org or  Matthew Brokman at mbrokman@council4.org.

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