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Unions Respond to Governor's Request to Reopen SEBAC Agreement


March 18, 2016 - The governor, through his Office of Labor Relations, has formally requested a meeting with our coalition of state employee unions to discuss “concessions in the area of pension and healthcare benefits.”

Click here for a copy of the Malloy Administration’s letter to the coalition’s chief negotiator.

We responded this morning clearly and unequivocally; union leadership welcomes an opportunity to meet but does not have the authorization of our elected rank-and-file leadership to enter into any discussions about reopening our 2011 agreement.

Click here for the union coalition's response.

We understand the purpose of the governor’s request to meet. But his proposals to balance the budget at our expense, reduce public services and lay off thousands of employees will hurt both our economy and our most vulnerable residents.

We hope the administration will agree to meet so we can discuss concrete and substantive ways to resolve the current and future budget deficits. Our 2011 agreement actually provides some of those solutions without the need to re-open or make further changes.

Be sure to check our website and Facebook pages for further updates, as well as additional e-mails with fact sheets, messages for reaching our legislators, and notifications of upcoming events,including the March 29 Public Safety Employee Coalition Rally and the April 4 D.U.E. Justice March and Rally for Fairness.

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