Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

"We All Live In Wisconsin"

Tens of thousands of AFSCME members, other public service workers, students, and their fellow citizens have taken over the Capitol in Wisconsin this week. Public employees are under attack like never before.

The attack on workers i happening across the nation, from California to Ohio to Connecticut, but right now Wisconsin is the front line in the fight to save public services. If the Wisconsin governor gets his way, the consequences for AFSCME members and the entire labor movement would be devastating.

Please join us to rally in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin!

When: Wednesday, February 23, 12:00 NOON
Where: CT State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford (Directions)
Why: To show solidarity with our Wisconsin brothers and sisters and to remind elected officials they need to create good jobs with fair pay, not attacking working people.

Late last week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker introduced radical legislation that would deny nearly 200,000 union members their full collective bargaining rights.

Wisconsin is the birthplace of AFSCME. We have a long and proud history in the state. In a matter of days, all we have built there over the past 75 years could be profoundly jeopardized. But more importantly, the very existence of public employee unionism is now on the line across the country.

Please join us Wednesday in Hartford to rally in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin!

Workers are standing up and speaking out in Wisconsin -- and across the country.

And be sure to sign Council 4's online petition to support our Campaign for the Middle Class.

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