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"House Calls for Health Care"

Mila Chia, a registered nurse, advocates for health care reform.

Clad in green hospital scrubs emblazoned with the words "House Calls for Health Care" and the AFSCME logo, nurses united with Council 4 members to reiterate the need for real health care reform with a robust public option to compete against insurance profiteers.

Two AFSCME nurses from New Jersey, Anne Berkowitz and Mila Chia, traveled to New Britain Oct. 17 for a press conference at Council 4, after which they hit the streets to go door-to-door for health care reform.

“We need real reform that keeps my patients’ health in the hands of their nurses and doctors, and not their insurance companies,” Chia said during the press conference

Similar canvasses were held in eight health care battleground states, and also featured nurses garbed in hospital scrubs demanding reform of a system that allows private insurance companies to come in between health care providers and their patients. 

Berkowitz added, "We're asking Congress for the choice of a public health insurance option that will lower costs, improve quality and keep insurance companies honest.”

Council 4 members attending the press conference joined in the call for changing a broken health care system.

"I deal with single mothers who can't afford health care," said Local 1303-132 President Stacie Harris-Byrdsong, a paraprofessional for the Capital Region Education Council school system. "They have to make a choice between having a roof over their heads or providing health care for their children. That's sad choice to make."

Local 1303-94 member Peter Cianciola, middle row, third from left, talks about problems with access to health care.

Click here to read the story "Nurses Ring Doorbell for Health Care Reform" in the New Britain Herald.

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