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The True Meaning of the So-Called "Pathway to Sustainability"

Connecticut House Republicans released a "Five Point Plan for a Pathway to Sustainability" at a Sept. 15 press conference launching their 2016 legislative election campaign. 

These proposals have since been reiterated in plainer language — specifically, GOP lawmakers' push to degrade state employee union members' retirement security and to politicize the collective bargaining process. 

  • Click here for an annotated version of the House GOP plan.
  • Click here for the state employee union response.

The plan reminds us that we face incredibly important choices in this election year. Union members must be engaged to ensure a legislature committed to Connecticut's quality of life for working families — not just hedge fund managers — over the next two years.

We have partnered with the Connecticut AFL-CIO to mobilize volunteers to "Get Out the Vote" for endorsed candidates through November 8. Phone banks and labor "walks" have been scheduled in communities across the state for union members to talk with neighbors about the importance of voting for a better life.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Labor 2016 Walks will take place in Berlin, Danbury and Manchester from 8:30 a.m. to noon.

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