Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Preparing For A New Administration

Governor Dan Malloy supported our Local 3145 members last year during their strike against the American Red Cross.

Connecticut has faced considerable budget battles in the past and members of the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) unions have always faced those challenges by working to achieve the highest quality services with the highest cost savings for the state.

During the last two administrations, our ideas have mostly fallen on deaf ears. As we face the most difficult fiscal crisis in recent history, our members are looking forward to working with a new administration to share ideas about how public structures can help thrust our state's economy out of recession.

As Roberta Price, President of AFSCME Local 610, told the Associated Press, "[Malloy] is wiling to work with us. He's willing to listen to us."

Toward that end, SEBAC is creating a process by which rank and file members can exchange their ideas and generate proposals for preserving fundamental public structures. We believe we can preserve those that are necessary to our economic recovery while enhancing government efficiency.

L-R: Local 2663 members Paul Lavallee, David Parsons, Lt. Gov-elect Nancy Wyman, Cecelia Lynch and Council4 Staff Rep Wayne Marshall.

SEBAC hopes that the new Malloy Administration will not only be open to our members' ideas, but will direct managers to actively support and encourage the process. 

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