Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Support Disaster Relief in Haiti

Council 4 union members are among the many in the labor movement who have answered the call to assist
victims of the severe earthquake that struck Haiti near Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12. 

For example, AFSCME Local 2663 (State P-2 Human & Social Services) donated $5,000 to Doctors Without Borders; and AFSCME Local 184 (Metropolitan District Commission) donated $1,000 to an Earthquake Relief Project sponsored locally by the Phillips Metropolitan CME Church in Hartford. 

AFSCME Local 184 members are supporting Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

“We appreciate the generous and caring spirit displayed by AFSCME Local 184 members,” said the Rev. James Walker, Pastor of the Phillips Church. “The needs of the Haitian people struck by this disaster are unimaginable. By no means should our attention to their plight start to wane.” 

According to Local 184 President Gil Bironi, “The members of our union felt strongly about doing something to help the survivors of the Haiti earthquake in their time of need. We have members who are active in Phillips Metropolitan CME Church and we know the church doing great things to make a difference for the Haitian people.” 

Click here for the AFL-CIO's special Haitian Relief webpage, which includes various organizations to which you can donate.

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