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Campaign for the Middle Class

The continuing fallout from the national economic crisis has emboldened anti-worker forces who are playing politics with the lives of workers and endangering the middle class.

So Council 4 is fighting back.

On Jan. 28, 2011, during our legislative conference in Meriden, we unveiled our Campaign for the Middle Class, a multi-faceted program to restore the American Dream for Connecticut's working families.

(Be sure to sign our online campaign petition.)

The Campaign for the Middle Class provides a blueprint for action, starting at the job site and moving out to the communities where our members live and work. The pillars of this campaign:

  • An Affordable Healthcare System
  • Retirement Security for All Workers
  • Fair Taxes to Fund Public Structures

In his keynote address at our conference, AFSCME International Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saunders praised our Campaign for the Middle Class, calling it critical to AFSCME's national campaign to repel the attacks that would cut middle-class jobs, depress wages and weaken workers’ rights. Listen to Saunders and Council 4 members talk about the fight for the middle class:

Discussing the current political climate in which elected officials and the right-wing media are vilifying public workers, Saunders observed, "This isn't only an attack on us. It's an attack on the whole middle class...We've got to fight back like never before."

Don't forget to sign our Campaign for the Middle Class Petition!

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