Local 355 Administrative Clerical Employees

Administration Agrees to Meet State Coalition Leaders

The Malloy administration, through the office of Undersecretary of Labor Relations Lisa G. Egan, has agreed to our state union coalition’s request for a meeting.

(Click here to read Undersecretary Egan’s letter to the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition’s chief negotiator, Daniel E. Livingston.)

This meeting is NOT to discuss reopening the SEBAC 2011 agreement.

We have explained to the administration that we are interested in meeting to discuss the root causes of Connecticut's budget woes, and to suggest ways to provide short-and long-term savings.

Some of these are already contained within the SEBAC 2011 agreement, and others of these can be achieved by implementing clean contracting and other principles to which the administration has long promised its commitment.

We do not have a date for the meeting, nor we do we know who will represent the administration. We hope to have all the details soon.

We look forward to meeting with administration representatives, but we remain steadfastly opposed to balancing the budget on the backs of state public service workers. We will continue to reiterate our message that mass layoffs and cuts to vital public services will seriously damage Connecticut’s economy.

The Governor and the Legislature must make better choices to move Connecticut forward for working people.

You can help us in two immediate ways:

Thank you and stay tuned for continued updates. Be sure to check our website and Facebook pages, and urge your members to do the same.

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