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Standing Up For Services in Griswold

Members of AFSCME Local 1303-133 help keep Griswold going.

Members of AFSCME Local 1303-133 are proud of the services they provide to the residents and businesses of Griswold.

So when First Selectmen Philip Anthony and the Board of Finance put those services on the chopping block, townspeople turned out in force at a public hearing April 6 and told elected officials in no uncertain terms: No more cuts. As a result, the finance board settled on a $31.4 million budget that restores town hall positions. The budget will go to the voters for approval. But for now, town hall employees are grateful for the support they received from residents who appreciate their efforts.

"We want to thank Griswold townspeople for their support and their appreciation of the vital services we provide every day. These are challenging economic times, but our town hall union members have stepped up to the plate to help make a difference."

The finance committee hearing came on the heels of an effort by the first selectman and board members to reduce six of the bargaining unit's 13 positions to half-time with no benefits, while eliminating the town sanitarian position altogether.

The proposed cuts followed a vote by Local 1303-133 members to accept two unpaid furlough days to help close the budget gap.

The proposed cuts did not go over well with residents who packed the April 6 meeting. As reported in the Norwich Bulletin:

Lawrence Laidley, a postal carrier in town and member of the Inland Wetlands Commission, said town employees do essential work and must remain full time. “Every service that’s in there, that’s presented, is needed,” he said. “It might not pass, but give it a shot. At least give the people a chance.” 

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