First a union. Now a contract.

AFSCME Local 393 - West Haven Public Library.

Approximately one year after voting to unionize, West Haven Public Library staff have their first-ever collective bargaining agreement in place.

“We’re all here because we love our jobs,” said AFSCME Local 393 President Colleen Bailie, who heads Technical Services for the West Haven Public Library. “Joining a union, and bargaining for a fair contract, gives us a stronger voice at work.”

The terms of the three-year agreement between AFSCME Local 393 and the Village Improvement Association of West Haven include general wage increases totaling 5.5% and other economic enhancements, along with a first-ever grievance process for library employees.

“We’re proud of the services we provide to West Haven residents. We want to make sure we’re around to protect the library system in these difficult economic times,” said Ora Mason Branch Manager and Local Union Vice President Elaine Braithwaite.

AFSCME Local 393 represents 19 staff members of the West Haven Public Library, including librarians, technicians and support staff.

Local 393’s Bargaining Team included union members Colleen Bailie, Bob Amato, Elaine Braithwaite, Catherine Bushman, Treasurer Mary Walker, Secretary Tonjii Ormsby and Council 4 Staff Representative Len LaLuna, who served as spokesman in negotations.