Report: CT Public Employees A Bargain

A respected non-partisan think tank is debunking the myths used to attack Connecticut public employees and diminish the effectiveness of the vital services they deliver.

In Unequal public-sector pay in Connecticut? Yes—taxpayers are getting a bargain!, Economic Policy Institute economist Monique Morrissey, Ph.D, shows that, despite dubious claims to the contrary, public-sector workers in Connecticut are not overcompensated compared to their private-sector counterparts.

EPI’s analysis reveals that wages and salaries are 14–16 percent lower on average for Connecticut public-sector workers, compared with similar workers employed by large private-sector firms in the state.

The EPI Connecticut study contradicts the anti-union Yankee Institute for Public Policy, which claimed in a report that Connecticut’s public-sector workers are compensated 25–46 percent more than comparable private-sector workers.

The Yankee Institute advocates slashing public workers’ pay, pension and health care to fix Connecticut’s economy, prompting Connecticut AFL-CIO President Lori J. Pelletier to comment:

"The Yankee Institute's intentionally deceitful propaganda and flawed methodology are never more evident than in how they cherry picked information to fit the anti-union narrative their corporate backers want to sell.”

(Click here for the full CT AFL-CIO Statement on the EPI study.)

"EPI's findings are a reminder that Connecticut public employees are dedicated public servants, not political punching bags, and that the truth, not lies, must inform public policy debate," added Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano.