Urge Gov. Malloy to Veto Toxic GOP Budget

While most of the state was sleeping in the early morning hours on Saturday, the Republicans with the help of a few Democrats, passed an anti-worker budget that attacks collective bargaining, targets retirees on a fixed income, guts our clean election program, and raises taxes on the working poor..

The Governor has issued a statement declaring his intent to veto but corporate lobbyists and their supporters smell blood, and they’re pushing Malloy to sign this devastating budget. That’s why it’s important for Governor Malloy to hear from you.

Call the Governor’s office at (860) 566-4840 to urge him to stay strong and veto this toxic budget as soon as it arrives at his desk.

What’s so awful about this budget?

This budget would negatively affect every Council 4 member -- state, municipal or private sector-- in one way or another. That's why Mark Krauchick, a Seymour school custodian and president of our AFSCME Local 1303-025 local union, spoke against it during a rally at the State Capitol Sept. 21:

If this budget were to become law, it would lock in devastating policy ideas that would wreak havoc for decades to come. Who’s pushing this anti-worker budget? The CT Business & Industry Association, CCM, and the Koch brothers-funded Yankee Institute are all unleashing their supporters to try to get the Governor to change his mind.

Let the Governor know that you support his intent to veto this devastating budget.

Click here to email Governor Malloy and urge him to veto the budget.