Tentative Agreement Reached With State To Protect Services, Jobs & Benefits

June 26, 2017 -- Yesterday, State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) union leaders including Council 4 AFSCME approved a tentative agreement (TA) for protecting members' jobs and stabilizing benefits to help resolv the financial issues currently facing the state of Connecticut.

The approval of the SEBAC TA follows weeks of negotiations between individual bargaining units and state agency representatives, which have produced tentative agreements for 34 new contracts. These unit agreements are all tied to the SEBAC TA and dues-paying members of unions in good standing will soon have the opportunity to cast their votes on both.

Council 4 is recommending a YES vote on both the SEBAC and individual bargaining unit TAs.

The SEBAC TA is based on the framework adopted last month and accomplishes three primary objectives union leaders adopted last November when informal discussions began with the Malloy Administration:

It is clear that the gains our unions have made in the past are at significant risk. These agreements provide a level of security for members, our families, co-workers and the public we serve in a time of great uncertainty.

Be sure to reach out to your local union leadership or Council 4 Staff Representative with bargaining unit-specific questions. Alternatively, you can email your questions or concerns directly to Council 4. 

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