Labor Board Rules for Council 4

Local 1565 President Luke Leone and Local 387 President Lisa Fontano address the press about staffing and safety concerns.

The Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations ruled in Council 4’s favor when it dismissed the effort of a Massachusetts-based business seeking to represent our NP-4 Corrections Bargaining Unit.

In a decision issued Dec. 14, the Board said the National Correction Employee Union (NCEU) failed to meet the criteria required under law to open a contract window.

The Board called NCEU’s petition “untimely” and their claims in support of it “without merit.”

“We are pleased with the Labor Board’s decision. It affirms that we’ve been fighting for our members,” said Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano. “That’s what real unions do. They fight to protect jobs and services.”

Council 4 represents more nearly 5,000 front-line Department of Correction employees – including correction officers, parole and treatment officers, counselors, maintenance and transportation – in AFSCME Locals 387, 391 and 1565.

Attorney J. William Gagne successfully argued Council 4’s case before the State Labor Board.

“Our union, when all the dust settles, were the ones who were truthful to their members and the truth won the day,” AFSCME Local 391 President Jon Pepe told CT News Junkie, adding that NCEU “wasn’t interested in our members’ well being. They were after our dues money.”