Romney-Ryan: Fracturing Our Sense of Community?

This story is cross-posted with permission from AFSCME International's Greenline Blog. Thanks to Joyce Barksdale of AFSCME.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson writes that Mitt Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate confirms his contempt for working people and public services.

Ryan became the darling of ultra-conservatives after designing a budget that would raise taxes on the middle class to give the rich bigger tax breaks. Romney’s selection, Robinson writes, signifies that the upcoming election is really a choice between two starkly different philosophies – “We’re all in this together” versus “I got mine”.

He writes:

“School bus drivers don’t make a lot of money. Nor, for that matter, do the clerks who help keep unqualified drivers and unsafe vehicles off the streets. But these workers are not mere cogs in a machine designed to service those who make more money. They are part of a community.

“The same is true of teachers, police officers, firefighters and others whom Romney and Ryan dismiss as minions of ‘big government’ rather than public servants.”

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