Members Kick Off 2012 Election Season

L-R: Rick Carney (Retirees Chapter), 5th District Congressional Candidate Chris Donovan, Local 2836 member Elizabeth Hicks and husband Rich.

The future of the working class was on everyone’s mind June 9 as Council 4 launched Campaign 2012 with a cookout and political rally at our union headquarters in New Britain.

Congressman Chris Murphy, AFSCME’s endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, and State House Speaker Chris Donovan, our endorsed candidate for U.S. Congress (5th district), spoke to our members, along with several candidates for the Connecticut General Assembly.

Pointing to the millions of dollars already spent by potential Republican opponent Linda McMahon, Murphy stressed, “The stakes have never been clearer. The only way we’re going to win this [election] is with your help.”