AFSCME Praises Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care

June 28, 2012 – AFSCME unions in Connecticut hailed the Supreme Court’s landmark decision upholding the Affordable Care Act and vowed to assure that progress continues to be made in giving all state residents access to quality, affordable health care.

“This is a tremendous victory for all Americans and for President Obama,” said Sal Luciano, Executive Director of Council 4, Connecticut’s largest public service union, representing more than 34,000 members. “AFSCME members have long been part of the fight for affordable, quality health care, and we celebrate today. Despite the ranting of the far-right and the ‘one percenters,’ this decision will have far-reaching beneficial effects for America’s working families. The companion reforms we’ve passed in Connecticut, including health care pooling, remain unaffected and will move forward without delay to provide even more affordable coverage options.”

Barbara Simoneta, R.N., President of Connecticut Health Care Associates, an AFSCME union representing approximately 2,000 health care professionals in Connecticut, also praised the court’s decision.

“Every day in the emergency room, front-line health care workers see so many heartbreaking cases that could have been prevented with early treatment,” Simoneta said. “Now we have a green light to turn this travesty around. Hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents will have access to new, quality health plans, including Medicaid. No longer will our patients be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.”

Luciano and Simoneta said it’s time for Congress to move beyond the politics of health care, focus on implementing the ACA, and work with the Obama administration to create good American jobs that rebuild the middle class.