AFSCME Local 355 Steward Listing

 University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus

LINDA ARMSTRONG, 860-486-3290, Unit 3156,
Academic Partners & Special Ed. Programs, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Agriculture & Resource Economics, Dean of Students Office, Dramatic Arts, Facilities, Music, Natural Resources & Environment, One Card Office, Speech, Language & Hearing, Ratcliffe Hicks, Student Health Services, Admissions

JULIE BOUCHARD, 860-486-1462, Unit 3088,
Accounts Payable, Athletics, Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Molecular & Cell Biology, Nursing, Nutritional Sciences, Pathobiology, Physiology & Neurobiology, Student Activities, Student Union, University Communications, University Events, Document Production Center, Central Stores, Purchasing, Fire Department, Police Services, Transportation/Parking Services

ADA ELDERKIN, 860-486-4945, Unit 3008,
Allied Health Sciences, Biotech/Bioservices Center, Department of Extension (Vernon Office), Dining Services, Financial Aid, ISS-ACES, Registrar’s Office, Student Health Services, Community Standards, Orientation Services, Rainbow Center, SEP Honors Program

LAURA MCCONNELL, 860-486-0742, Unit 4011,
Animal Research Service, Asian American Studies Institute, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Research & Graduate Education, El Instituto, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Jorgensen, Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, Library, Mechanical Engineering, Neag School of Education, Plant Science & Landscape Architecture, Residential Life, Statistics, Student Affairs-IT, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Human Resources, Modern & Classical Languages, Sociology, Political Science.

  Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP)
TIMOTHY WALKER, Local 610, 860-625-4559

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)-Willimantic
MARY JANE MAHEU, 860-423-9387 (work); 860-908-3264 (cell),

Department of Rehabilitation Services
Department of Developmental Services (DDS)-Central Office & North Region
GAIL ZIPOLI, 860-512-3624,

Department of Children & Families (DCF)-Willimantic
Department of Education (DOE)-Windham Tech
Department of Social Services (DSS)-Willimantic
Department of Developmental Services (DDS)-Willimantic
Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC)-Willimantic
CATHERINE DUBUC, 860-465-5264,

Department of Children & Families (DCF)-Manchester
Department of Education (DOE)-Cheney Tech and Cheney Satellite
Manchester Community College (MCC)
BRENDA ST. PETER, 860-512-2663,
EMILY SANTA LUCIA, 860-512-3638,

Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU)-Willimantic
DOMINIQUE CESAR, 860-465-4365,

Gelsi-Young Hall, Webb Hall, Wood Hall

CYNTHIA BROKAW, 860-465-0166,
Admissions, Counseling Services, Facilities, Health Services, Science Building,
Shafer Hall (South Campus), Sport Center, Student Center, University Police, Wood Hall

CATHERINE DUBUC, 860-486-5264,
Library, Media Building