DOL Workers Recognized for Helping Vets

Local 269 member Karen Quesnel discusses "Vets to Cops and Fire Fighters" at Nov. 1 press conference.

Department of Labor employees and AFSCME Local 269 members Karen Quesnel and Veasna Roeun are two of the thousands of state public service workers who quietly go about making a difference in our lives and our economy.

Working as Business Service Specialists, Quesnel and Roeun help state residents navigate the choppy waters of unemployment. Their responsibilities include a DOL initiative that helps military veterans find employment in local police and fire departments.

On Nov. 1, Quesnel and Roeun were front and center as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joined Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Labor Commissioner Sharon Palmer to promote the "Vets to Cops and Firefighters" program at the CT Works Job Center in Hartford.

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