"It's Unwise to Privatize"

Norwalk Common Council Chair Carvin Hilliard greets our members and says he opposes privatization.

Members of AFSCME Local 2405, representing Norwalk public service workers, are mobilizing to stop the Department of Public Works from getting approval to privatize city sanitation operations.

On March 13, members of the Norwalk Common Council and community at large joined Local 2405 members as they rallied in front of City Hall before the Common Council meeting.

"Privatization only benefits the company," said Norwalk Common Council Chairman Carvin Hilliard. "It does not benefit me and you, the consumer. It does not benefit you; it's not good. It's capitalism at its worst. Privatization does not work, in my opinion."

Check out the video below, which features Norwalk city workers and residents speaking about the perils of privatizating sanitation services. And be sure to read the news stories on our rally.