"We Love Our Country. We Built It."

This story is cross-posted from the AFL-CIO Now Blog. Thanks to Jackie Tortora and the AFL-CIO.

Sept. 4 - America needs good jobs and shared prosperity, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told delegates at the Democratic National Convention tonight.

It’s abundantly clear the Romney-Ryan ticket is only offering prosperity for the rich and an economic nightmare for everyone else, whether it's cutting Medicare and Social Security, giving the rich more tax breaks or outsourcing America's jobs.

“Prosperity requires democracy—starting with the essential right of everyone in this great country to a voice, both in the ballot box and in the workplace,” Trumka said.

"Prosperity requires economic security. Working Americans will stand with leaders who protect and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid—not those who plan cuts to benefits working people have paid for, earned and are counting on."

Trumka spoke about the choice we have this November. Working people will choose “between division and decline, and unity and growth.”

Trumka says, "We are the ones who built America. We are the ones who build it every single day—because it is our work that connects us all."

"My friends, our country has a big job to do. We have to rebuild our middle class—together. Our economy works best when it works for everyone, not just a select few. Our history teaches us that shared prosperity is the only kind that lasts."