Outsourcing Boot Camp

AFSCME Labor Economist Jane Carter.

Union members can push back against the reckless outsourcing of public services that puts workers and
communities at risk while eroding taxpayer control.
Through an intensive training module known as "Privatization Boot Camp," AFSCME International is providing state affiliates like ours with the tools to protect public services from private greed and preserve jobs that sustain our local economies.

AFSCME Labor Economist Jane Carter and Education Coordinator Olga Liapis-Muzzy recently faciliated two training sessions for Council 4 member unions and staff.

As Carter said, "Privatization is relinquishing taxpayer control of public services to Wall Street banks and CEOs."

The day-long retreats at Council 4 included worksite analyses to help union members assess the risk of outsourcing to their services; action plans for engaging members and the community; and a discussion of the “power tools” needed to stop outsourcing.

Bernie Bombardier, President of AFSCME Local 1933, East Hartford Board of Education Custodians and Maintainers, said the training opened his eyes. “Nobody is safe. We need to take a stand against outsourcing before it gets here,” he said. “When it does come, I’ll be better prepared.”

L-R: Local 1933 President Bernie Bombardier, Council 4 Staff Rep Jeff Jump, Steve Curran of Local 1565 and Kevin Murphy of Council 4.