Tax the Wealthy, Not State Employees

Dear Council 4 Sisters and Brothers,

The governor and legislative leaders on both sides of the political aisle are publicly calling for state employee union members to agree to open up the SEBAC 2011 concession agreement. These same leaders are saying there will be layoffs if we don’t agree to a special tax increase on state employees in the form of contract concessions.

There’s a reason Gov. Malloy kept saying “a deal is a deal” when he ran for re-election in 2014. His administration’s agreement with the state union coalition has saved Connecticut taxpayers billions of dollars through state employee concessions on wages, medical insurance, retirement security and other related issues. Those savings continue through current budgets. The 2011 agreement needs to be honored, not only as a matter of principle, but as a framework to provide continued savings that will protect vital public services.

SEBAC has urged the Governor to meet with us so we can discuss better choices than laying off thousands of state employees and slashing the services our members provide day in and day out. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that our elected leaders restore taxes on Connecticut’s wealthiest wage earners.

Our elected leaders face a stark choice. According to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Paywatch, in 2015 the average Connecticut CEO earned 341 times that of the average Connecticut worker. We really have arrived at an economic crossroads. We can have an economy that benefits CEOs and hedge fund managers, or an economy that nurtures middle class working families. We can’t have both.

State employee layoffs and service cuts will wreck Connecticut’s economy, causing havoc and pain for all our members, whether they work for the state, for cities and towns, or for private companies. We are eager to share our thoughts and concerns with both Gov. Malloy and legislative leadership, and we hope they will consider solutions that avoid putting Connecticut in a race to the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. Stay tuned for more updates and legislative action steps you can take to help the cause.

In solidarity,

Sal Luciano
Executive Director, Council 4