Women's Rights Committee Spotlight

AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Lori Pelletier (front row, right) and our Women's Rights Committee members.

The challenges and opportunities facing organized labor in Connecticut were front and center Nov. 20 as the Council 4 Women's Rights Committee hosted an evening with Connecticut AFL-CIO Executive Secretary-Treasurer Lori J. Pelletier.

"Funding public services and increasing wages and job protections for low-wage workers is the path to growing Connecticut's economy," said Pelletier, who was unanimously elected in September to lead the 200,000-member labor federation. "Clearly we need to get more money into working people's pockets."

Pelletier, who worked at Pratt & Whitney and was a Machinist union leader, cast a clear warning about the stakes of the 2014 election, noting that candidates like Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley are calling for a "Wisconsin moment" that would destroy collective bargaining rights in Connecticut.

"Lori has brought new leadership and a new vision to the State AFL-CIO," said Committee Chairwoman Thursa Isaac, who is the President of Local 562 of the NP-4 Clerical Bargaining Unit. "She's a working woman who rose up through the ranks and is committed to empowering all workers."

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