The ABCs of Workers Comp

Michael Petosa of the State Workers' Compensation Commission leads our workshop.

Protecting our rights when injured on the job was the focus of a workers' compensation training by Council 4's Education Department.

Michael Petosa, Supevisor of Education, Safety and Health Services for of the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission, facilitated the day-long workshop, which covered the basics of workers' comp in Connecticut, managed care, safety & health committees, relevant legislation, and more -- all with the goal of empowering union members to understand and enforce their rights under law.

"This was one of the best union-sponsored trainings I've been to," says Susan Rosen, a steward for AFSCME Local 2663 (P-2 State Human and Social Services).

Added Dave Caron, Vice President of AFSCME Local 391 (NP-4 Corrections), "The workers' compensation training at Council 4 was extremely informative and helpful. "The workshop will help us be even stronger advocates for our members when they're hurt on the job."

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