Next Wave Storms Mystic

Next Wavers get ready to enter McDonald's to rally for fast food workers.

Nearly 100 union activists from Council 4 Connecticut and Council 94 Rhode Island just came together in Mystic for the Next Wave Regional Conference to talk strategy, develop leadership skills and fight back against corporate-funded, right-wing attacks on workers and their unions.

The Next Wave is AFSCME's national effort to recruit, engage and educate new and younger members to step up and build on the legacy established by previous AFSCME leaders.

The conference culminated with a march and rally in support of fast food workers employed by McDonald's Restaurant in Mystic:

"I got involved with the Next Wave because as someone who is relatively young, I have a vested interest in protecting and preserving the benefits that Council 4 has worked to provide members," said Uri Overend of Local 269, a Community Services Representative for the state Department of Labor. "I also feel that Council 4 and my local have the potential to not only be advocates for workers in our agency but for workers and our community as a whole.