Laid-Off Social Workers: "Bring Us Back!"

Thaddea Brown and her laid off co-workers call for their layoffs to be rescinded.

State social workers represented by AFSCME Local 2663 are calling on Governor Dannel P. Malloy to rescind the layoffs of 37 Department of Children and Family employees who were not classified as “permanent” on July 1 even though most of them had already been employed at DCF beyond the required 10 month probationary period.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. Malloy to fund services, not bonuses.

The laid-off workers held a press conference Sept. 28 at the State Capitol to say the situation undermines DCF’s mission to protect children.

Thaddea Brown, who worked in DCF’s Stamford office, is one of the laid off workers who spoke out:

“My eyes are wide open. I know the state is not legally required to hire us back. But I also know what’s right and moral. If the state truly cares about protecting children and families, then our jobs will be restored."

Stefany Accino, another laid off Stamford DCF worker, said this:

“Getting laid off is not only upsetting to me. It’s also upsetting to our clients. DCF has no shortage of cases. It doesn’t have a shortage of management, either. Our agency just has a shortage of workers who are needed and valued by the community.”

AFSCME Local 2663 President Paul Lavallee, whose union represents 2,500 workers in human and social services, called on Gov. Malloy "to do what's right and proper" and make the non-permanent workers permanent.

DCF Social Work Supervisors and Local 2663 members Cassandra Bunkley and Jennifer Spector also called for the layoffs of the “non-permanent” employees to be rescinded:

Local 2663 President Paul Lavallee is interviewed by Mark Sims of CT Radio Network.

“This action without doubt has burdened an otherwise already overtaxed social work and supervisory staff. Of even greater worry has been the disrupted, trusting relationships that these staff members had formed with the families with whom they were working. They are relationships not easily built or easily replaced.”