Training and Empowering Our Members

Council 4 Education Coordinator Joe Aresimowicz leads a discussion.

AFSCME Local 269 members convened Feb. 13, 2013 at Council 4 for a Steward Training with Council 4 Education Coordinator Joe Aresimowicz.

Local 269 represents state employees at the Department of Labor, Workers Compensation Commission and Department of Veteran Affairs, and are part of our P-2 Human & Social Services unit. They spent the day learning about mobilizing on the job and in their communities

"I found this training valuable," said Local 269 Steward and Executive Officer Marsha Tulloch. "We need to be pro-active. The breakdown we did on the state budget gave me a better understanding of what we face at the legislature."

Tulloch and Devon O'Nalty, both of whom work as Adjudication Specialists within the Department of Labor, also discussed the AFSCME Next Wave program, an effort to recruit new and fresh faces into union activism.

"We want members to understand they are important, they have a voice and that with their help, we can make a difference as a union," O'Nalty said.

Local 269 members also heard from Professor Richard Wolfe, who teaches Economics at the New School in New York.

Devon O'Nalty, left, and Marsha Tulloch of Local 269.

"We have an economic system that isn't working real well," Wolfe said. "You're worried about what you have to give up, what you have to do without."

Wolfe noted the top marginal tax rate on the wealthiest Americans was more than 90% during the FDR and Eisenhower administrations. The top marginal rate is now 39.6%.

"Taxes have been taken off rich individuals and corporations and put on you," he said.

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