"We Are Not Wisconsin"

Connecticut union members turned out to hear firsthand from Wisconsin public service workers who lived through the unprecedented assault on their rights on the job that began in 2011.

The April 5 event at Middletown High School was organized by the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) and attracted approximately 750 workers from Connecticut's diverse labor movement.

A school teacher, a state employee, a county hospital nurse, and a union field rep shared their stories of life in Wisconsin since "Act 10" was passed three years ago. They warned rank-and-file members and leaders of public and private sector unions alike to act now to prevent the "Wisconsin moment" some politicians are threatening in Connecticut.

“So without getting too technical, what Act 10 really did was make everything an illegal subject of bargaining," said John English, an AFSCME national field representative who worked in Milwaukee County, where workers.

Check out this powerful video from the "We Are Not Wisconsin" forum, and scroll down to "Additional Resources" for more material: