Red Cross Workers On Strike

State Correction Officer James Zuccalo (standing, 4th from right)presents a contribution to the striker solidarity fund on behalf of AFSCME Local 391.

Our members in AFSCME Local 3145, who represent blood collection workers at the CT Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross, launched an unfair labor practice (ULP) strike Nov. 3, 2011. The workers have gone nearly three years without a contract.

Local 3145 members gained legal vindication when a federal judge ruled Aug. 29 that the CT Blood Services Region broke the law by engaging in unfair labor practices that led to the 2010 strike. But the company refuses to reach a fair agreement with its workers, and is instead trying to take away our members' right to bargain over health care, remove licensed medical personnel from blood drives and more.

"I'm not out here just to protect my benefits. I'm here with my family for respect," said Local 3145's Tashonda Thompson, a Red Cross phlebotomist. "We're the front line of the Red Cross. Without us, there's no blood for them to make their profits."

On Nov. 9, more than 200 union members and elected officials showed support for AFSCME Local 3145 members by attending a solidarity rally. Click here for the video.

Clockwise from top left: Local 3145's Tashonda Thompson, Richard Harrison, Tashya Harrison and Mikayla Wilson.

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