Lax Oversight in Contracting

When it comes to sporting events, nobody likes a cheater. That is why there are referees on the field, to make sure everyone is playing by the rules. So when it comes to government outsourcing, taxpayers deserve officials who are watching closely and will throw a penalty flag if contractors are getting away with cheating us.

In the Public Interest (ITPI) released a new report today outlining the myriad of problems with insufficient oversight that too often lets government contractors waste public tax dollars, commit fraud and abuse, provide poor quality of service, and put the public’s health and safety at risk.

Standing Guard: How Unaccountable Contracting Fails Governments and Taxpayers provides real world examples of lax oversight, and identifies several problems that are all too common in state and local government contracts including:

The consequences of lax oversight are serious, with the potential to leave our families without the public services and programs we rely on every day. It’s time we start acting as referees and blow the whistle on inadequate oversight and work with our elected officials to create a robust system that puts accountability first.