"Respect Those Who Protect"

"Respect Those Who Protect."

That's the message that members of the Connecticut Public Safety Employee Coalition (CPSEC), a group uniting nearly 10,000 working class, taxpaying state employees, will deliver during a rally and legislative lobby day on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. on the North Steps of the State Capitol in Hartford.

Coalition members say threatened state employee layoffs and cuts to vital public safety and criminal justice services will make Connecticut a more dangerous and less law-abiding state.

“We are the individuals who protect Connecticut citizens,” said Coalition spokesman Charles DellaRocco, a State Supreme Court Police Officer and President of AFSCME Local 749. “We ensure that there is order at our correctional institutions and courthouses, our state parks and college campuses. We monitor the compliance of law offenders upon release from prison. CPSEC members all serve for one main purpose—to help keep Connecticut safe.”

After the rally and speaking program, Coalition members will lobby state legislators and urge them to oppose harmful service cuts and layoffs, and to make better choices to raise revenues needed to protect public services.

The member unions of the CPSEC are: Judicial Employee Union AFSCME Local 749; Judicial Professionals Union AFT Local 4200b; Judicial Marshals Union IBPO Local 731; Judicial Marshal Supervisors SEIU Local 2001; Correction Officer Union AFSCME Local 387; Correction Officer Union AFSCME Local 391; Correction Officer Union AFSCME Local 1565; Correction Supervisor Union SEIU Local 2001; Connecticut Police and Fire Union IAFF Local S-15 & IUPA Local 74.