Council 4 Responds to Latest SustiNet Smear Tactic

Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano Responds to Latest Distortion About SustiNet and the State Employee Plan

July 6, 2011

Kevin Rennie, a former Republican legislator turned Hartford Courant columnist and blogger, posted an article in his own "Daily Ructions" blog that distorts our union’s support for SustiNet. 

Rennie's blog post is nothing new and is intended to undermine our continuing efforts to protect state employee jobs and health care and retirement benefits.

Council 4 is proud to have supported SustiNet, because it was designed to expand access to health care while holding down costs. A scaled down version of SustiNet did pass. It contained a provision to allow municipalities, suffering under the weight of out-of-control premium costs, to enroll in the state employee plan but only if SEBAC approves.

Nothing in the tentative SEBAC agreement that failed to get ratified changed state employee benefits. Nothing in the agreement moved state employees into a new plan under the Sustinet legislation.

We have no intention of allowing the governor or the General Assembly from imposing any changes without negotiation with the state union coalition.